Education Partner Moore Tech: Where Moore Is Less Money!

One of our favorite programs in Memphis for adult learners is at William R. Moore College of Technology. Not only is it one of the oldest vocational programs in America, but it’s also affordable and adaptable for adults who also need to work to earn a living while attending!

Picture this: a young man isn’t sure if college is for him. Perhaps he has a young family that for which he needs to provide. Maybe a classroom setting just wasn’t fun. Maybe he found reading a little bit boring, instead favoring hands-on science labs or solving math problems. Maybe it just doesn’t seem affordable. Or what about a young woman who always loved taking small engines apart and putting them back together? Maybe she loves the outdoors. She considered college, but what she really wants to be doing is learning by getting her hands a little dirty.

What a lot of people aren’t told is that a four-year school isn’t the only option. Technical and vocational schools are booming, as high schoolers and adult learners alike learn about all they have to offer, often cheaper and quicker than their two- and four-year counterparts. So what about our two adults we introduced to you up there? That young man earned a degree in machine technology, where Moore Tech boasts a 100% job placement rate. He got in on the ground floor of the popular medical device manufacturing sector that is now soaring in Memphis. And our young lady who loved tinkering and being outdoors? She earned her degree in property maintenance. Not only does she dabble in all sorts of areas that are interesting to her, but she’s the go-to boss on a large, sprawling apartment complex.

These are degrees and certifications that can be earned between 12-36 months of study, like all of the programs at Moore Tech. They offer seven: welding, machine technology, HVAC/refrigeration, electricity, property maintenance, and plumbing. The campus, located on Poplar Ave, is a massive wonderland of machines and job sites, with nearly every scenario that students will face on a job site presented to them in a classroom. They work on a trimester system and offer daytime, nighttime, and weekend courses. Students can work full-time and still find a class schedule that allows them to attend school, as well!

Adult learners interested in attending Moore Tech can come visit us and ask us any questions they may have. We’ll put you in touch with the Moore Tech admissions office and even set up a campus tour for you! Potential students must have a high school diploma or GED (missing one of those? Let us put you in touch with Messick Adult Learning Center! They’ll help you out) and pass a drug test. They must display a 10th grade math knowledge (again, students requiring assistance can check out Messick in order to brush up on some skills). Moore Tech is a nonprofit institution that does not accept loans, so students must file for grants or scholarships via FAFSA, the Workforce Investment Network, or pay tuition out of pocket. But don’t worry! Moore Tech offers easy and affordable payment plans and will work with students to help them pay for classes.

The faculty and staff at Moore Tech are eager to help adult learners and see them graduate and find fulfilling and lucrative careers. Students, never make the mistake of thinking that you’re “just not cut out” for post-secondary education. There is something for everyone out there, and it’s never too late to return to school!

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Contact Education Advisor Kim Jordan-Fluker via email or phone (901 415 2774) to chat or schedule an appointment to discuss education options.