Jeannie Price joins growing list of GM grads!


Eugenia “Jeannie” Price

Graduate Memphis exists as a free service to Memphis-area adults who seek to go to and complete college or another type of post-secondary education program. It launched in 2012 with the hopes that it would help many of the some 200,000 Memphis adults who began college and never finished. Adult learners face a unique set of circumstances as they return to school as many of them are juggling families, jobs, and other responsibilities. As GM approaches its 3-year anniversary, they’re excited to introduce Eugenia “Jeannie” Price, a May 2015 graduate of the University of Memphis!


Jeannie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. She came to the U of M with just 24 credit hours between her and a college degree! Like many adult students, Jeannie worked full-time while also attending classes. She’s the office manager and patient relations coordinator for the Methodist University Transplant Institute and her long days at work meant even less time to earn her diploma. Another obstacle that faced Jeannie was the financial burden of tuition. Thankfully, her employer helped her to graduate without owing any student loans.  “Because completing my degree was so important to me, I gave up weekends, some of my summer, and renewed my relationship with caffeine for a while.  It was worth it,” Jeannie remarked. As one of three daughters of educators, she was thankful that her mother could watch her graduate. “Several people said my dad was dancing in heaven that day!” she added.


Jeannie acknowledges Graduate Memphis as a program that lent her courage to return to school. “From my initial call to schedule an appointment to the meetings I attended in the beginning of my journey, the support and encouragement was incredible.” Now that she has graduated, she’s hoping to continue her education at graduate school and one day serve as a specialty line administrator or practice administrator at Methodist. A self-proclaimed foodie, her ambitions do not end at education: she also aspires to eat at every restaurant (including food trucks!) in the Memphis area. When asked what the first word to cross her mind was upon receiving her diploma, Jeannie replies, “Hallelujah!”


Graduate Memphis is generously funded by the Plough Foundation and their College Resource Center is located on the first floor of the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library. To learn more, visit or call (901) 415 – 2774.