Outreach Efforts

Over the past year, Graduate Memphis has sought to enroll more adult students by reaching out to area businesses and employers as well as community and faith-based organizations in order to inform them of our services. Our outreach coordination program includes visiting employers, community organizations, and congregations, spending the day answering questions and registering adults for our services. 

Employer Outreach

Our employer outreach coordination program includes visiting employers and asking them to communicate our free services to employees through their current methods of communication. We are happy to visit on-site, during employee breaks, all employee meetings, or attend company health and wellness fairs to talk with potential adult students. Part of our mission is teaching students that they can excel and climb the ladder in the workplace with increased education and certification.

Let us help your employees reach their educational goals.

Community and Faith-Based Outreach

Graduate Memphis is also dedicated to reaching faith-based organizations and all other community organizations. We’re happy to come speak to your congregation or group, regardless of religious affiliation, to discuss the members’ options for returning to school. Oftentimes, we hold our free workshops at libraries and community centers in less centralized parts of town. We also will attend community job fairs, events and expos around the city, by request! Finally, we welcome conversations with faith-based organizations about our religiously-affiliated education partners.

Getting Involved

If you’d like Graduate Memphis to visit your place of business, congregation, or organization, please let us know!

Valencia Jeffries
(901) 415-2774